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When you write or journal for yourself, you're comfortable and feel good. But when you write for the public eye, your superpowers desert you and you become (less than) a mere mortal. You're powerless and clueless.

Fear ye not! The Writing Guide, which consists of five parts, will help you improve your writing for the public eye.

What Should you expect?

Prepare by learning from other writing styles from sources like academic papers, sports articles, blogs, novels, and more.

Create and develop your writing style by harnessing your personal characteristics and expressing them in your writing.

Practice by committing to a regular writing schedule and publishing your content on your own blog or on Medium.

Learn how to most effectively communicate your message and how to use clever sentence-structure techniques to emphasize your message.

Hear about 'The Golden Rule of Writing' and how to use the First Principles concept to improve your writing.

And much, much more!

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