Useful links, posts, resources, and more

 Credit:  Kaboompics

Credit: Kaboompics


I thought it would be convenient to make a collection of the most useful resources that could come in handy, both from this blog and from other places on the Interwebs. Podcasts, guides, blog posts; you name it. I'll be continually updating this as time progresses, so make sure to check this page once in a while for new goodies. If you think I'm missing something or have a suggestion for additional resources, please get in touch with me via the social links at the bottom of this (and every other) page.

Note: None of these companies are sponsors or provide me with any type of financial compensation. I'm simply sharing them because I think they're useful.



  • Link to my guide to becoming a better writer.
  • For (aspiring) entrepreneurs: Free guides from, the best online courses and entrepreneurship-coaching in the world, and useful tools for building a business.
  • For (aspiring) female entrepreneurs, this blog post has some useful resources for you all.



  • The Art of Charm toolbox. These guys are probably the best teachers of social and relationship skills, confidence, and all other things personal development (both for men and for women!).
  • The Behavioral Table of the Elements by Chase Hughes. A supremely powerful tool to help you decipher the true message behind people's non-verbal communication.
  • Enhancv, a great company that makes your CV look the best and most effective for whatever job you're looking for.
  • Link to my post about getting your personal finances and budgeting in order (don't forget about services like Wealthfront and Betterment; make sure to research about investing first though!)
  • Looking for a book to read? This list from the Art of Charm is a good place to start! Here's my book list, along with this, this, and this book to that list.